Calcium Carbonate Pre-Coat Powder

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Pre-coat Powder is used in Dust Extraction Systems in the following Application/Conditions:

  1. Where very fine dust is present in the product; especially when cyclones/drop out/ baffle boxes etc are used as pre-filters.
  2. The pre-coat powder is inserted into the extraction system (i.e. LEV Hoods or in ducting) when new filters are installed but before product reaches the clean filters.

The pre-coat powder forms a surface coating on the filters which provides the following benefits:

  • Prevents very fine dust blinding new filters.
  • The filters work more efficiently when pre-coat powder is applied.
  • The pre-coat powder will reduce extraction emissions, with new filters, which would otherwise increase while a surface coating of product builds up.

Note pre-coat powder can also help to neutralise acidic dusts.