GEF Water Filter


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Unit Overview

WF filters are the wet collector series. The polluted flow goes into the collector and meet the water where is caught the majority of the pollutant. The water level is managed by a float which controls a solenoid valve that integrates the water into the tank. GWF series is complete with fan in a soundproofed box and control panel with inverter for an automatic management of the wet collector. To reduce the maintenance the filters are available with sludge dredge. Thanks to its design the GWF is delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

Technical Specification

Standard version includes:

Airflow from 2.000 to 12.000 m3/h

Control panel with inverter

Tap for discharging water

“Overflow” level

Doors for tank cleaning

Automatic water feeding

Signal low water level

Max. vacuum 3.000 Pa

Max. temperature 60°C


Sludge dredge

Water heating element

ATEX components zone 22 3D

HEPA modular filter system

Materials and finishes:

Stainless steel