GEF Filter Tower


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GEF Filter Tower 

Unit Overview

The GEF Filter Tower is the solution to clean the air inside large industrial and civil spaces.

GEF Filter Tower Consists of three filtering stages

  1. Synthetic pre-filter G4
  2. Rigid pocket filter F9
  3. HEPA filter H14

Because this filter has an efficiency class of H14 (EN 1822) 99.995% of particles larger than 0.3 microns are blocked.

A system of levering and gaskets ensures perfect sealing so that pollutants remain trapped inside the filters. 

The fan is 1400 RPM and is installed inside a sound proof box which means the noise level is lower than 70Db(A.)

GEF Filter Tower is equipped with control switch and filter clogging monitoring system.

The GEF Filter Tower is a plug and play product and can be shipped and easily assembled in modules.

Technical Specifications

Standard version:

  • Synthetic pre-filter G4
  • Rigid pocket filter F9
  • HEPA filter H14
  • Fan
  • Control Panel

Accessories include:

  • Ozonation machine
  • Diffuser for air recirculation

Materials and finish:

  • Painted