Donaldson Torit Farr Dust Cartridge Filter

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Donaldson Torit Down flow equivalent type pleated dust cartridge filter element

Torit model number 8pp-262002, 8pp-22269, 8pp-42360

Farr model number ta1, Nordsen spray booth cartridge filter

660mm l x 324mm o/d x 210 mm i/d, 26" x 12.75" x 8.375"

Single open ended (SOE)

Galvanised dish end cap with m12 bolt hole

Triangular seal 282 o/d 255 i/d 12mm high

48mm pleat depth

Expanded inner/outer perf support mesh.

Heavy duty cellulose/polyester 80/20% media, equivalant to ultra-web

Approx media area 21m2

Exact equivalent filter media and filtration efficiency to oem original.

Part Number: RB511